Sunday, 3 July 2011

Atheist…Jesus loves you.

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And I Can Prove It

In Return Prove To Me That You Are Atheist!

To Believe Or Not To Believe That Is A Choice
Believe it …Jesus loves you, although you may wonder why?  Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”  Why would Jesus forgive you?  Because you are been deceived.  You, atheists and the Jews’ authority in the time of Jesus have something in common and that is ‘unbelief’.  The Jews’ authority chose not to believe that God was among them through Jesus.  You also made a choice not to believe in God period. 

Atheists choose not to believe in God inasmuch as Christians chose to believe in God.  To use God’s Words, the Bible to prove God existence is futile. We are face with belief vs. unbelief and vice-versa. Christians are considered as unbelievers of the non-existence of God.  Hearsay vs. hearsay!

Nobody seems to be able to prove whether God exists or does not exist. Atheist cannot prove that God does not exist and Christians cannot prove without the use of the Bible that Jesus is the one that God had sent to save all souls from  a terrible destiny in an eternal lake of fire called hell.  Many have died believing in Jesus, many more died not believing in Jesus. Since more have died without accepting Jesus than those who did, does the majority win the vote that God doesn’t exist?  No one came back from the dead to reveal that Jesus is or not God.

Albert Einstein had a personal view about God and evil.  Many reason that since God created all thing,  God created evil.  View Albert Einstein retorts  his physic teacher on this subject. 

So, Christians cannot use the Bible to convince atheist because you believe that man wrote the bible, which is true.  You don’t believe that the Bible is God’s inspiring words either.  So what can I say?  What proof can I use and what argument can I use? It all comes down to making a choice, to believe or not to believe, that is a choice. Please watch this video, "God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?" and read my comment afterwards

Instead, of avoiding God into the calculation (infinity) add Him into it.  After all, He sustains all things, "The Son shows the glory of God. He is a perfect copy of God’s nature, and he holds everything together by his powerful command," Hebrews 1:3.  Only then will you be able to resolve the equation and to be able to go beyond your imagination... That is where God invite us to be (eternity) through His Son Jesus, Jn 3:16.  There is nothing wrong with the equation, only your conclusion (denial).

To Believe or not to Believe that is a choice.

For Christians to believe in the non-existence of God is disturbing.  It is the same for an atheist to believe in the existence of God because you would then be accountable for the choice for your eternal destiny, heaven or hell. One Christian testimony of answered prayers is not sufficient to persuade an atheist. One atheist testimony of a circumstantial evidence defined as pure luck is also not sufficient to persuade a Christian of God’s none existent. So Christians and atheists alike face a dilemma…no one can prove whether God exist or not. 

Atheists and Christians are no better off than historians.  Historians debate facts from myth trying to put the past together. Archeology studies could be viewed as the result of acceptable speculation not proof.  And even proof can easily be dismissed. For example Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejects all facts and proof that the Holocaust against Jews ever took place.  And you know, for somebody that did not go through or seen the horror of concentration camps of the Second World War, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assumptions are considered true by many.  I could be watching a video documentation of a bloody battle scene of D-Day and conclude that it was made in Hollywood.  So you see, a choice is made to believe or not.

Humans have one huge flaw and that is we forget.  We do not remember more than one generation at best.  Christian and atheist are no better than historians which debate of the validity of documents that may help to clarify any facts from hearsay, which could be use as propagandas.  That is the case concerning the ownership of Jerusalem.  Palestinians contradict the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.  The Palestinian invent their own history and accuse Israel of liars even as it lays claim the sole rights over the entire city.

By 1990, the Islamic spotlight on Jerusalem reached such a bizarre standoff; the Palestinian denied the city's sacred and historical importance to Jews.  The Palestinian Arab establishment promoted a false claim by re-constructing history with an equal part of lies.  They had made Jewish connections to the land of Israel obsolete.

Here is an excerpt of a commentary by Daniel Pipes title, “What Jewish Ties to Jerusalem?”
“Palestinian Arabs now claim that Canaanites built Solomon's Temple, that the ancient Hebrews were Bedouin tribesmen, the Bible came from Arabia, the Jewish Temple " was in Nablus or perhaps Bethlehem," the Jewish presence in Palestine ended in 70 C.E., and today's Jews are descendants of the Khazar Turks. Yasser Arafat himself created a non-existent Canaanite king, Salem, out of thin air, speaking movingly about this fantasy Palestinian Arab "forefather." Palestinian Media Watch sums up this process: By turning Canaanites and Israelites into Arabs and the Judaism of ancient Israel into Islam, the Palestinian Authority "takes authentic Jewish history, documented by thousands of years of continuous literature, and crosses out the word 'Jewish' and replaces it with the word 'Arab'." 
What would be gained by the Palestinian to distort history? They would gain western media support.  So you see, if these changes in historic facts are being altered today, what is to say that history of mankind had not been altered also?  What if history of the origin of mankind has been distorted?  What would be it purpose?  One thing for sure…it main purpose would be to hide the truth.  What would be gained from hiding the truth?  Your soul.

Now, allow me to speculate, and you could come up with your own conclusion.
What if, yes, what if there was a lost tribe that kept record of the origin of time.  What if that lost tribe had an ancient manuscript in a language that ceases to exist thousands of years ago?  What if that tribe would have kept records of lineage of all tribes descendants?  And what if that manuscript described a world that existed at one time and had no proof of it existence today except for myth and legend?  What if this mysterious tribe mentions a God that used to walk with man at the beginning of time. What if the tribe described this God as to be the creator of all that exist? What if that tribe be Israel, the Jews, and that the manuscript is the Torah, better known as the Five Books of Moses?  Could that be proof? 

One day in the late 19th Century, Queen Victoria of England reportedly asked her Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, this question..."Mr. Prime Minister, what evidence can you give me of the existence of God?" Disraeli thought for a moment and then replied, "The Jew, your majesty."

“Thus says the Lord Who gives the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night; Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar; the Lord of hosts is His name. If this fixed order departs from before Me, declares the Lord, then the children of Israel also will cease forever, from being a nation before Me." Jeremiah 31:35, 36

What if Israel is the proof that God exist? Think about it; their land has been under foreign occupation for 2,553 years, from 586 B.C.   In 1948, the United Nations established the renewed sovereignty state of Israel.  In 1967, the Jewish army miraculous captured Jerusalem during the Six-Day-War, which, by the way, Israel did not set off.  What if I tell you that these entire events came true as it was prophesied in the Old Testament?

Here an excerpt of a News letter from Lambert Dolphin at
“God brought the people of Israel together at Mt. Sinai, there forming them into a nation (about 1500 BC). This was just after He delivered them from 430 years of enslavement in Egypt. The Lord God promised Israel that they would have a permanent place in history, eventually assuming leadership over all of the ~70 nations in the world. This covenant God made with Israel extends earlier unconditional promises with Israel given to Moses. These promises have never been rescinded or altered. Some students of the Bible have failed to notice that the right of the Jews to live in the land given to Abraham and to them by God is conditional. Twice the Jews have been temporarily excluded from living in their own land because of very serious disobedience. A very key sign that the "Second Exile" is ending in our time is the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.
There remains a series of events, soon to unfold, called by the Jews "The Final Redemption," during which time Israel will undergo spiritual rebirth and her appointed Messiah will appear in person. Militarily, Israel will win a final great world war and be elevated to Chief among the nations. The terrible violence, suffering and death at the end of the age will greatly reduce he world population. During his three-year teaching time on earth, ~2000 years ago, Jesus Christ announced that He would build "His church," thus completing the second half of covenantal promises to Abraham. God promised that Abraham would be the father of all true believers, divided them into an earthly people, the nation of Israel, and a people having a heavenly called, the church, or "Bride of Christ." (The New Testament provides us with a rich history of the "church age.") Following the death and resurrection and ascension of Jesus, while Israel has scattered in exile around the world-- (their land desolate and unused), the God of Israel has seen to it that the message of God's love and redemption to the entire world was never silenced for long. The "gospel" began with Israel, but excludes no one. All signs point to the completion of the church any day now. Romans 9, 10, and 11 go over in detail the difference between Israel and the Church. Both entities have a permanent role in God's plans for mankind.”

Lets speculate futher: God chose a man out of gentile nations to start a new lineage called the Children of Israel with a language called Hebrew.  For what purpose?  For two purposes: to keep documentation of His relationship with mankind and to make known of His intention with mankind.  The man chosen was Abram his name changed to Abraham.  This man Abraham, called the "father of all who believe," was born in what is Iraq, about 4200 years ago.  What make Abraham so special?  He was no better then so called Bob.  It could have been Bob, he could have been known as 'Bobraham'.  It could have been you.  It was God’s choice.
You may wonder, why couldn’t God just show himself to me?  Who then would believe you?  Look at the example of the Apostle Paul, he persecuted Christians, Jesus appeared to him, and the Jews authorities did not believe him and tried to kill him.  This is how Paul describes himself, “although I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man; but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief”, 1 Timothy 1:13. Sound familiar?

Can you imagine Jesus appearing to you; having a conversation with you, would your friends’ atheist believe you?  Would you believe a friend that testified that Jesus spokes to him?  Let then Jesus show himself to a whole group of people.  Why not prove his power?  My answer is, he already done so and a few believed?  You see it is one thing to believe in the existence of God, it is another to accept him.

The Torah and Old Testament is a transcript of testimonies of God appearance and demonstration of His present among us.  The Old Testament holds testimonies of God to man and woman, and nations.  It holds testimonies of acceptance or rejection of God.

Even today, you hear of someone who had rejected his or her father for whatever reason.  Some declared that their father does not exist in their life anymore because of past abuse.  Unfortunately, many view God as of the same nature as their physical father.  Some blame God for taking away someone they loved.  Some blame God for the abuse they experience, blame God for not intervening, therefore not only rejected God but deny His existence.  Many are those who say, if there is a God why does he allow all the suffering?  It is not God that is evil but us.  If God would intervene (in many case He does) to whose standard of morality would He act upon?  Bob’s, John’s, Mary’s, or yours?

Sins cause suffering.  We are all guilty of sins and of hurting someone.  We all have harmed someone if not physically, emotionally.  Some more then others.  The abuser and the abused need healing.  Moreover, until we cease to blame God and others and do not accept that we too are guilty of disobedience, we will be separated from God forever. 

We are condemned to bare our suffering for eternity with Satan that has deceived the whole world.  Satan took advantages of your misfortune and resentments, to turn you against God.  What would be gained from hiding the truth?  YOU. Satan doesn’t want to be alone in hell, and he wants you.  He doesn’t want you to believe.  Please read, “To become a Christian, that is easy, First & Final Stepl”

That is why Jesus intervenes for your life.  He decided on His own to pay for our penalty of our disobedience.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”, John 3:16.  That is the simplicity of the gospel, to believe.  Believe in the One that God had send, and that is Jesus, John 5:24.  The Old Testament mentions and prophesies about Jesus.


For detailed description prophetic events, read the following commentary by Jack Kelley Title, "Prophecies Of The Lord’s Death And Resurrection" at 

“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God,” John 3:18.  

Like it or not ‘Satan own you’.  You are already condemned.  That is the reason Jesus died, to deliver you from Satan.  Jesus wants to own you back.
“He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him,” John 3:36.  The wrath of God meaning in our day and age is “God hard love”.  He let you decide to choose your destiny that is how much He respects you, how much He loves you. To know more about "God hard love", please listen to the following sermon with Andy Faller from Calvary Fellowship Ottawa. 

And many more believed because of His own word,” John 4:41.  Your destiny is now in your hand.  Make the choice not only to believe in the existence of a God, but in accepting Jesus as the One that God had sent to saved you from an awful destiny.
I invite you to believe and to accept Jesus.  He loves you, and He wants to share His inheritance with you.  It’s about you.  No one can make that decision for you…chose life.

If not convince yet, and you are more of an intellectual please listen to this YouTube presentation: We Are All Called To Defend The Faith - Pastor Eric Douma

You now have being witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do you believe you are a sinner?  Do you believe you are hopelessly lost without a savior?  Do you believe God sent His Son to die for your sins? Do you accept His death as payment in full for your sins?  If you answer yes to these questions…tell it to Jesus… ask for His forgiveness and God will send His Holy Spirit… a seal for eternity.  You are now son of God.  Son of God is a title given to all man and woman believers.   


Father Patrick Francis said...

Are you kidding? How can you not believe? Jesus did live as man as proved in history. Also look at the Apostles.They devoted their lives for Jesus. Look at the church that has grown since Jesus walked the earth. Look at the saints that also performed miracles in Jesus name,such as Francis of Assissi,anf Father Pio. Look at the Stigmata. The Aparitions like Fatima.Look at the miracles that Jesus performed. You know that wind is there,but you can not see it. you can have a sensation such as a feeling,but you can not see the feeling. You can not see Almighty God the Spirit,but you also must know He is there. Need I go on.

Andre Delage said...

This article is directed to atheist not believers as you. There was a time in your life you made a choice to believe in all your above statement.

Remember Jesus warning, that many will come in my name deceiving many, they too perform miracles in the name of Jesus yet are not recognized by Jesus.

Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’Matthew 7:22

By the way there is only one advocate between us and the Father in heaven, his name is Jesus. All others are imposters. We are forbidden to speak to the dead.