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My Preferred Bible Study Resources

1.     For the beginner - sound biblical foundation in the Word - clear and easy to understand, with multiple free audio bible studies easy to listen, Grace Thru Faith by late Jack Kelley,

2.   A good daily diet of God's Word – by the late Ray Stedman whose website offers its resources free of charge – covering a variety of topic.

3.   A book for the average reader with help and references for the serious student of Bible prophecy titled “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done… by Ron Graff and Lambert Dolphin is free and may be downloaded in Acrobat Reader format.
4.   Bible study resources for Bible students and teachers by Dr. Andy Woods. An excellent resource for Christians to understand their political status in the United States according to God's word. He has JD, a ThM, and a Ph.D. He offers bible study on YouTube and on his website.  Good and easy listening public speaker, 

5.    In-depth Bible study resource for the student who desires a serious profound understanding through the origin of God’s word in Greek and Hebrew language, I highly recommend Dr. Robert Dean who earned a Th.M. in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies and pursues a Ph.D. in theological studies with an emphasis in Historical Theology. He also earned an M.A. in Philosophy and a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree. Bible study available both at his website and YouTube channel. Do not allow his level of degrees intimidate you, friendly presentation and easy to listen to his discourse. ,  

6.   For the student interested in ancient manuscripts, dead sea scroll, cult and occult study, and a weekly live stream where you may ask questions on various subjects, I recommend Ken Johnson at his YouTube Channel at

7. True to God' word. Effective knowledgeable speaker. You will not fall asleep.  Pastor Lawson teaches from the King James Bible, follows the old paths, and rightly divides God's word.

8.  Robert Breaker - English/Spanish Bible Issue, Current Events, King James Only, Sound Bible Teaching and preaching, etc. Great Teaching skill using a whiteboard

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