About Me

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Me and my mommy (95)

I preach best what I needed to learn most...
I am neither a theologian nor a bible scholar.  The opinions expressed are my own, based on personal study and observation, research, and life experience in walking in the Lord.  I believe in the teaching of the Holy Spirit, (John 14:26, 1 Cor 2:13).  This statement might be offensive to some, yet is true; “God reveals through the scriptures to those who love Him, (1 Cor 2:9)”, and “those who seek him (Heb 11: 6).”  My citizenship is in heaven; therefore ready to serve anybody without any discrimination to all churches and all denominations who are under one God, one Lord (Jesus), one Spirit and one resurrection. 
Are you saved or want to be saved?  You do not need to be alone…reach out to someone you know you trust in the Lord or sent me an e-mail.
 All commentaries are free to print and to save as Adobe file. Please share the wealth which is the TRUTH.  No donation please  Jesus is taking care of this ministry.